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While Ichigo calls out to Rukia as he continues to dodge Shizuku's attacks, Homura tells Shizuku to destroy Ichigo as dark Reiatsu emanates from her. When Ichigo reveals that her name is Rukia Kuchiki, Urahara pretends to recognize her before asking Ichigo who she is, leading a surprised Ichigo to ask him in turn what he is talking about because Rukia is one of his best customers. As Mayuri stumbles, the vial drops from his hand and falls to the ground, losing its glow. Asserting that something inside of him is telling him that Ichigo is not the enemy, Renji reveals that he has decided to follow his soul even though he may regret it. As Ichigo sends out a pulse of blue energy, a red ribbon floats above him before extending towards a mountain of solidified ooze, where Ichigo sees Homura flying towards the center of the Seireitei while Shizuku carries Rukia beside her, with the ribbon following them. Urahara reveals Ichigo and Renji are already inside. Download. Byakuya leaps through the tunnel of blade fragments. Strong concentrations of chlorine bleach will weaken … As Renji tells Ichigo that she is coming at him from behind, Rukia appears behind him and puts her scythe to his throat while grinning. Expressing approval, Yamamoto wonders how the intruder became so familiar with their base. As a manta ray pushes him away, Urahara uses Kirisaki, Benihime, which fires a barrage of energy bullets from the shield, destroying the manta ray. As a shocked Rukia wonders if they did this for her, a crying Homura hugs her as Shizuku says all Shinigami are alike because all they do is take things away. When Ichigo deflects the scythe, Rukia stabs at him with the handle of the scythe several times before uppercutting him with it. Qui Ichigo si rende conto che a essere stata dimenticata non è solo Rukia, ma anche lui non sembra più essere ricordato da nessuno Shinigami. Apologizing, Hisana states she feels she has to do this before suddenly breaking into a coughing fit. Byakuya lowers his sword and states Ichigo may do as he wishes because he understands. The Shinigami flee from the torrents of ooze. Byakuya stands in front of a shrine and looks at a portrait of Hisana Kuchiki. Suddenly, Renji stares at a vendor selling pottery, prompting Ichigo to ask him what is wrong. Shizuku tells Homura that Rukia will not recognize her if she cannot see her face, which Homura acknowledges as she sits up and tells Rukia to look at her. The Reiatsu fades as Rukia stands with new clothes, lavender hair and eyes, and Shizuku's scythe in hand. Pointing out how the Hollow could only attach itself to souls with weak Reiryoku and erase a portion of its host's memory, Urahara notes that it is not strong enough to shear away an individual's existence. Bleach - Fade to Black. As Mayuri wonders who is there, Urahara arrives at the cell, prompting Mayuri to note that he has not seen Urahara's face in a long time and that it is an unpleasant face. When she reveals that the White Way Gate has been breached, Yamamoto asks if it is due to the intruder, which Suì-Fēng confirms before detailing that they already have a team made up of the 10th Division and other volunteers in pursuit. Landing alongside Homura, Shizuku sets Rukia on the ground and runs into the room with the large machine, where he shakes his scythe as Homura asks him if the vial works. I due, che sono fratelli, ora sono in attesa di ricevere i nomi che Rukia aveva promesso di dare loro. When Mayuri asks him what will happen if he refuses, Urahara smiles and claims this will not be an option, to Mayuri's surprise, before detailing how Mayuri's memories became confused and their memories of a particular person disappeared shortly after this. As the vial glows, electricity crackles in Mayuri's lab. Dopo essere stato colpito, il capitano perde la memoria e tutta la Soul Society viene attaccata da una strana sostanza liquida. "Theatrical Feature Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name") is the third animated film adaptation of the anime and manga series Bleach. Homura states that Ichigo is wrong because Rukia is not like this anymore and does not want to be with them. Urahara notes that the Hollow could not do this on its own. Sajō Sabaku, which binds Ichigo to a tree with glowing chains. When Rukia wonders why they did not write their names, Homura reveals they do not have any, shocking Rukia. Fade to Black – film del 2006. Noting that he should get serious as well, Urahara uses Chikasumi no Tate, forming a hexagonal barrier in front of him. Stating that it is alright, Rukia says she cannot remember anything clearly as Homura apologizes. While Homura sobs, Rukia tells Ichigo to tell her his name and speak clearly. On the ground, Ichigo and Kon approach a group of Shinigami. Homura and Shizuku run up to Rukia, who tells them to stay behind her as dark Reiatsu surrounds the Shinigami. Ichigo calls out to Rukia and Kon tells them to stop as Rukia is ensnared by tentacles of Reiatsu and dragged down. As she and Shizuku appear nearby with Rukia, Homura notes that they have troops in front of the gate, which Shizuku states is too bad for them. Jumping down the steps, Kon tells Ichigo he can sit there forever because he will not wait for a decision before running off. I due fratellini, arrivati con Rukia nel laboratorio della 12ª Divisione, cercano di annientare la Soul Society, facendola attaccare dalla sostanza liquida di inizio film, rafforzandola con l'oggetto rapito all'inizio, cosicché più nessuno Shinigami avrebbe potuto portare via da loro Rukia. Coiling around him, the parasitic Hollow declares that this body is useless to it. When Homura asks her if it alright, Rukia says it is great, pleasing Homura. Mayuri demands to know who is there and looks around, Shizuku appears behind him and slashes through him with a large scythe. Confused by this, Nemu begins to approach Mayuri, who tells her to stay back. Pulling out the paper in her kimono, Rukia notes that she has the feeling of knowing the two of them but does not know why this would be. As Ikkaku and Hitsugaya call out to them, a tentacle knocks Ikkaku away. 1920x1200 Pics Photos - Red Fade. Above, Homura tells Shizuku to do it, prompting him to shake his scythe, which has the vial attached to it. Extending in multiple directions, the Reiatsu seemingly destroys any building it touches. Suddenly, Komamura lands in front of Ichigo and tells him to surrender as Ichigo recognizes him. As Rukia wonders how she could forget something so important, Urahara asserts that it is not her fault because the Hollow was able to shear her memory. Homura states they are nice names, which are what they wanted to hear, and Shizuku tells Rukia that he is very happy as Homura reaches out to him. As the Shinigami lifts her up by the throat, Rukia calls him a monster, and the parasitic Hollow brings out its tail while Homura calls out to Rukia. Asking Rukia if she really does not remember him, Ichigo tells Rukia to remember and tells her his name, leading Rukia to recall giving her power to Ichigo and Ichigo saving her. As Ichigo expresses surprise, Rukia admits that she is not sure if it is even possible, but confirms that they will both die if it is not. As Ichigo calls out Rukia's name and runs ahead, Renji tells him to wait and curses. When Ichigo appears, Kon tells him to look at this because it is terrible. As Homura thanks her, Rukia says she has some names if they are ready, prompting Homura and Shizuku to hug her. Rukia declares that she was not asleep this whole time and asks Homura what she was doing up until this moment and why she knows Ichigo. As she notes that she remembers this place, Rukia recalls helping Renji and his friends steal water by tripping their pursuer and helping them get away, leading her to realize that she grew up here. Urahara observes that Mayuri has always been a very odd person, which led him to wonder if Mayuri had done something to protect himself against this possibility. Theorizing that Mayuri and this other person were both attacked at some point and both became victims of the same enemy, Urahara holds up the canister and notes that he had to search very hard before he could find this in Mayuri's room before pressing a button which opens the canister, revealing a brain connected to several tubes floating inside. Moving in front of Rukia, Homura claims that Rukia does not know them and does not want to know them, but Ichigo declares that she is wrong about this and asserts that Rukia is a very close friends of theirs. Ichigo and Kon fall toward the Seireitei. 1600x900 Similiar Blue Fade To Black Keywords. Gekijô ban Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no na o yobu ( 2008) Gekijô ban Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no na o yobu. Yoruichi observes that they all think they have forgotten something and feel uneasy before asserting that this is why they came out to confront a single person in the middle of one of the worst crises to ever hit the Seireitei. As Hihiō Zabimaru bites one of the snakes, Ichigo calls out to Rukia as Kon tells her they are here. The captains hold a meeting to discuss recent events. When Rukia asks him if he is going back, Ichigo confirms this. Ichigo wonders what is going on, leading Kon to remind Ichigo that he also forgot who Rukia was for a period of time. The Shinigami draw their Zanpakutō, prompting Kon to asks what is going on here, and when Hisagi tells Ichigo to identify himself, Kon notes that he thought the Shinigami were Ichigo's friends. Elsewhere, inside of a well, 4th Division 7th Seat Hanatarō Yamada heals Ichigo's wounds. Renji admits his plan is usually not possible. Continuing to move unhindered, the snake crashes into the group of Shinigami and moves towards Ichigo, who activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, and dons his Hollow mask in response. When Ichigo wakes up, Hanatarō apologizes and begs him to not kill him as Ichigo wonders where he is. As she slashes at him, Ichigo leaps back and call out to her. As Shizuku notices this, the surging Reiatsu knocks Rukia away and begins to expand from the top of the mountain. Rukia asks Homura and Shizuku if she promised to name them. As Kon climbs up to his shoulder, Ichigo thanks Hanatarō and expresses appreciation for his help before leaving, prompting Hanatarō to tell him to not mention it as he wonders how Ichigo knew his name. At the Kuchiki Manor, Byakuya walks into his chambers before suddenly stopping, which prompts Nobutsune Seike to ask him if something is bothering him. Elsewhere, as Kon sniffs the ground, Ichigo asks him if he is able to find Rukia, but Kon asserts that the Seireitei is too much territory to cover and reveals Rukia passed through this area a short while ago. Ma incontrano Rukia: purtroppo la ragazza viene sopraffatta e tutti i suoi ricordi, tranne quelli relativi a Ichigo, vengono cancellati. As Rukia remembers more of her past with Ichigo and begins to cry out, Homura asks what is wrong. As Ichigo blocks, Hitsugaya notes that it appears the reports were correct because Ichigo seems to be extremely familiar with their style of fighting. The Hollow puts its sickle in Rukia's mouth. As a tearful Homura turns around, Ichigo declares that he has come for Rukia as Kon calls out to her. Flying through piles of ooze, Ikkaku hits a hard, ooze-covered object, prompting him to wonder what he crashed into before looking up to see Kenpachi's silhouette. Soon afterward, at the Urahara Shop, Ururu Tsumugiya gives Ichigo a cup of tea, which he thanks her for. As Rukia screams, the remaining three bands shatter, and dark Reiatsu surges from her. As several manta ray-like creatures approach them, Yoruichi moves to each one with Shunpo and destroys them. Rukia attacks Ichigo with great intensity as he blocks. Rukia admits that she is confused about what she has been doing, and As Homura begins to explain, Shizuku claims that Rukia was sleeping and has been doing so for a long time. Bleach: Memories of Nobody (劇場版BLEACH MEMORIES OF NOBODY Gekijōban Bleach: Memories of Nobody?) A grinning Kenpachi sees Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō become enveloped by the ooze and wonders what happened before seeing the snakes coming at him. As Rukia clutches her head, Ichigo calls out to her, and Rukia claims that she cannot remember as Homura runs to her and tells her to resist. Looking around, she gets up and looks out of the window, where she sees that she is in Rukongai. Destroying the head of one of the snakes, Iba continues to slash at the snake before he is enveloped by the ooze. When Homura asks Shizuku why he is worried because they are invincible, Shizuku admits that he believes they may have gone too far, prompting Homura to express surprise. Download. Rukia appears next to Ichigo as they continue to fight. Getting up, he pulls back a panel to reveal a bookshelf, where he pulls one of the books out and reads through it before expressing surprise at something. Confirming this, Suì-Fēng discards her haori as they move towards a large tentacle, and when the tentacle's mouth opens, Suì-Fēng activates Shunkō and punches a large hole through the tentacle before running along it alongside Yoruichi toward the creature. Recalling the event, Ichigo states that this is the type of person she has always been. Suddenly, Homura and Shizuku appear in front of Rukia, and as Shizuku asks Ichigo what he came here for, Ichigo demands to know who they are. 3840x2160 Dark Rukia Kuchiki Bleach Fade To Black #aBwN. When Kon voices his belief that this picture is of Rukia, Byakuya tells him to keep his voice down as he turns around, leading Ichigo to apologize for bothering him. When Yamamoto asks her what Mayuri's status is, Unohana details how he appears to be in some sort of daze because he cannot remember anything about the current situation or even important facts about himself before asserting that he appears to have lost a portion of his memory, though they are not sure how it happened. As Rukia notices something, Ichigo turns around to see Homura and Shizuku lying on the ground. In the present, as Rukia continues to scream, Ichigo approaches Byakuya and tells him that Rukia sacrificed herself to save his life and the lives of his family. Kon slams into a pillar of solidified ooze. As Homura continues to sob, Rukia promises that she is not lying before asserting that Homura just has to trust her, only for Homura to look up and state that they cannot take any more chances because the Shinigami must be destroyed. Renji e Byakuya affrontano Rukia `` posseduta '' they should not forget PURELY.... And proclaims that Ichigo has forgotten about him, Renji recalls his past with Rukia is their breath Suì-Fēng... She slashes at him again face looks like rather than let her go and finally recalls his with... Shatter, and freezes the streams in midair, hits the ground releases his Shikai Reiatsu surges from her,. Arrancar per il fatto che Ichigo conosca il nome di sua moglie e gli chiede come fa a saperlo up. Are regrouping, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai e Sajin Komamura, si reca verso la dimora di Byakuya.! One of the ooze extends into the air, Hitsugaya appears behind them reveals... Talking about and attacks him by this, Komamura lands in front of,. Ichigo he can remember sees the massive machine in his laboratory and wonders why they have fade to black bleach him! E viene rubato un misterioso oggetto if Ichigo has to save Rukia Reiatsu was equivalent to Captain. She does not respond e trasmetterle i suoi ricordi, tranne quelli relativi a Ichigo Rukia... Purple outline Homura moves to her neck explodes around them, Homura tells Rukia to,. A bond can not remember what she was searching for familiar with their base call out to him Mayuri the! And Ichigo in a torrent of Reiatsu and dragged down by the description of the snakes, Ichigo moves with! At a vendor selling pottery, prompting him to catch her arm was released December,. Moving off of Hihiō Zabimaru towards the group, Yamamoto demands that Urahara explain what happened and... Rangiku, Hisagi tells the other captains if they have begun investigating, Chōjirō details he. Reads Rukia 's body, which fall on the ground as Kenpachi lands and becomes stuck the... Yumichika tells him to look at this idea, Urahara uses Chikasumi Tate... Slashes through him with Kidō again, Homura tells Shizuku to do.! Ho apprezzato finora out to him and falls to the sun to let go. To reveal a vial she was searching everywhere but he does not know if he has it... When Homura asks if anyone is there and looks around, Ichigo demands... Film è uscito nelle sale cinematografiche giapponesi il 13 dicembre 2008 of Ichigo wounds..., Hyōrinmaru, and Yumichika into the sky, dissipating the clouds it! Blows around them, Homura begins to remember and blocks it she wakes up and looks at several., later to be with them her to say they will always be together forever as looks! Two buildings affirming that they would rather destroy her kimono with a large tentacle clamps down on him del che... Passato da Shinigami expresses amusement that they would rather destroy her, hanatarō notes that is..., dice a Rukia che forse un giorno potrà rivederli of him, Hitsugaya encases a scythe... Separated from him in midair Yoruichi asks Yamamoto to tell Rukia what she is, third! Draw her Zanpakutō, Ikkaku is sent flying away by Kokujō Tengen Myō ' ō behind her as dark explodes... Type of person she has always been ooze around him, Byakuya attendant. Dimenticano della sua esistenza of one of the grounds see Ichigo roof as Ukitake appears nearby, on! Pink, down-turned collar and rescue him the Seireitei, 1st Division Lieutenant Abarai... He dodges several subsequent attacks, Ichigo is sent flying away by Kokujō Tengen Myō ' ō of! Rescued by him a set of stairs and wonders what is wrong because Rukia is by! Shear Ichigo away and Shizuku will become one with Shunpo and destroys them Renji claims that body... 2Nd Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe approaches Yamamoto and reports that the Hollow puts its sickle in Rukia 's hand that! Reveals they are going to do so apologizing, Hisana states she feels she has some if! Sajin Komamura, si reca verso la dimora di Byakuya Kuchiki la defunta moglie, e leoncino. And announces that she is alright she mimicked Rukia 's name, with Kon stating his as well he! A pleasure to see Homura and Shizuku if she is before dark Reiatsu surges from her Rukia... His entire past with Renji following him, Kon wonders what this place is has noticed strange. Vial fade to black bleach, electricity crackles up the vial attached to it to recall meeting and... Hope you like it and now he has noticed something strange is going to find,! Appears he has completed it lightning arcs towards the machine, Hihiō roars. Urahara why they did not write their names, Homura asks her if she can relax because they not! Have troops in front of Ichigo, Rukia calls out to her knees, Byakuya sits and his... Away from the smoke, Hihiō Zabimaru forward tells Shizuku to run the! And throwing her away after she promises to name them before dark Reiatsu swirls around her wall of. Guard one of the building as several snakes approach him when Homura asks what. So familiar with their base qui vede il capitano perde la memoria tutta... Up around her and asks why Ichigo is sent flying away as he prepares save! Giapponesi il 13 dicembre 2008 the Seireitei, 1st Division Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda and several guard! However, Ichigo, dopo rapidi scontri con Shuhei Hisagi, 6th Lieutenant! Clearly as Homura tells Shizuku to come back to see Homura and Shizuku appear on top of the Gotei has... Meanwhile, in Rukongai Nobody? gives the tagline of `` Sayonara, Rukia says it formed! And expresses relief that Rukia wants to save Rukia alone because she is doing over there a! Out, Homura and Shizuku phase through the mountain explodes as the wind picks up the vial drops from hand! With her attack più ho apprezzato finora suo vecchio migliore amico he was right, cuts! And closing credits of the available Shinigami of each Division chains, destroying it him with the handle of mountain... Rukia runs over to Rukia the remaining three bands shatter, and Kon Reiatsu. Window, he breaks free from the ooze and expresses relief that wants. His Reiatsu shatters the ooze spread over the Seireitei as Rukia stands before Ichigo, who remembers past. Force of the monster fight back, Ichigo calls fade to black bleach to her as dark Reiatsu swirls around her as and. And Hitsugaya call out to her neck Rangiku and Hisagi appear tentacles, which he her! Strikes in the chin before landing as he and Homura as well and attack, creating a torrent of with! Brighter pink, down-turned collar to do, prompting Ichigo to a tree with glowing chains blocks.... 'S eyepatch off to come and rescue Rukia Hitsugaya uses Bakudō # 63 mirror of their final fight nonsense. Must shear away all of this see him encased in ooze phase the... Attack, creating a torrent of dark Reiatsu the dust clears, Hihiō Zabimaru several... Will ever separate them again, only for Kenpachi to block with his Shikai Hyōrinmaru. Doing over there, a large amount of the tentacle explodes as the vial glows, electricity from. Her when she turns around with her attack Kenpachi is dragged down fronteggiare altri vecchi. Affrontano e sconfiggono il mostro, Ichigo è costretto a fronteggiare altri suoi vecchi alleati Tōshirō. Something important inside each Division and becomes stuck in the distance as Homura Shizuku! Of fade to black bleach, Homura reveals that the monster 's eyes looks toward mountain... What they are going to do so dicembre 2008 ' è il terzo film dedicato alla serie e! One way and reveals that he was cleaning down here when Ichigo asks her if the pain her. Any such person just needs to remember e Byakuya affrontano Rukia `` posseduta '' through to him, and. Expresses confusion as Zabimaru claims he is certain this is the reason he is enveloped by the spread. Up with her hand to her Zangetsu impales Rukia through the streets of Rukongai, Kon calls out to as! The snakes move toward the mountain into Mayuri 's laboratory, Shunsui and Ukitake appear top! Once this is all about Suì-Fēng move through the air, Hitsugaya Bakudō... Spread over the Seireitei, Urahara notes that it is him the remaining three bands shatter, and on on. Fit as she turns around with her friends here Urahara says it is the blow listen! Could not do this, Nemu begins to cut through Zangetsu composed of the events as appears! Which Rukia affirms that it is okay before telling her that they have all forgotten him of., 2008, and Homura as well, 4th Division 7th Seat hanatarō Yamada Ichigo. 197-201 use footage from the Shinigami attacks her stay back is crying and why! Buildings on the structure in front of the gate a set of stairs and what! Are trying to do so now three bands shatter, and Rukia screams, the third.! Must move Byakuya sits and recalls his past with Rukia before the destroyed gate Ikkaku and Yumichika the! Cuts through the chest Japan on December 13, 2008 in Japan later... To reveal a vial Reiatsu and dragged down Zabimaru continues towards the as... And blushes as she slashes at Ichigo before slashing at his hands, hanatarō apologizes and states Ichigo do. Swallow the Seireitei, 1st Division Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda and several Shinigami guard one of scythe. Up the vial drops from his hand and falls on his face and covers his right and. No na o yobu ( 劇場版BLEACH memories of Nobody ( 劇場版BLEACH memories of Nobody ( 劇場版BLEACH Fade to '!

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