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A mandrel is used during the tie-on process of reed making as well. Then, I teach. Browse below for the oboe reed wrapping thread for your instrument. The reed is another factor that effects intonation immensely. Compare. Cart $0.00 (0) My Account. FF Nylon Reed Thread – Deep Violet. Reed making is both an art and a science - it takes time to develop these skills. Leave 3/4 of an inch (18 mm) of cane exposed above the staple tool and wrap the rest of the reed to the staple. "FF" Nylon is the most popular option for making bassoon reeds and oboe reeds due to the reed thread's extra strength and exceptional appearance. It helps the thread get a better grip, and helps to create a tighter seal which is very important if you want a reed to make a sound! This is used when after you have tied on a reed and gets continued use as you are finishing scraping on a reed. There are places that you can buy beginning reed making kits, such as Midwest Musical Imports and stores of the like. This page is better organized and curated than the playlist over on YouTube, so you can easily find what you need. A "Oboe Reed Making for Dummies" type video, in which I go through the steps on how to make a reed, while perhaps actually making a final, working reed! My Account. Scrapheap Stories; Learn about the tutors; View calendar; Support; Newsletters; The Place. A well balanced reed will make a good 'crow' sound. Great items on clearance at unbelievable prices! Assorted colors both solid and variegated – make a request and I’ll try to get you close. Below are some pictures that I took of some reeds for the “Making Oboe Reeds” book. Just click on each image to see a larger picture of it. Search. Reed making can be frustrating, especially when things don’t progress in the time frame you had hoped for. So you or your student wants to learn how to make oboe I would suggest getting a straight knife for your first one. The most important part of any reed making kit is a sharp knife. Each spool of reed thread is dyed in small batches to ensure consistency and product quality. Gaudioso FF Thread. This thread is not pre-waxed like their other thread but it is wound on the same proprietary spool. Add To Cart. Reed Making Thread . The cane is folded end to end to form the two blades of the reed. Date Jan 26 2021 - Apr 03 2021. There are also some youtube channels that are dedicated to reed-making for beginners. My Account. It provides a hand hold for the reed that is not a sharp wire. Created with Sketch. One place that you could buy reed thread from an Etsy shop called Squirrelly Stash. Next, let's make sure that your reed is in good working order. This is the third installment of my oboe reed making series FF Reed Making Thread - Multi Primary Color. Our newsletter ... Making an oboe reed by hand! Tailored to each student, this class is a … For the oboe, a stable octave 'C' crow sound is most desirable. An oboe staple is placed on the top of the mandrel, with the top of the staple sitting flush against the top of the mandrel. Just click on any of the links on the left for easy browsing and ordering. Beeswax is used during the tie-on process of reed making. reeds are highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, etc. I have found that “Something to Crow About” and “Oboe Files” are great resources for the beginning reed-maker. There are many types of cane that you can get such as tubed and gouged, but as a beginner, all that matters is that you receive it shaped for you. One of my favorite accounts on both Instagram and Facebook is thinthetip which is run by Lindabeth Binkley who teaches at the University of Central Michigan. The tools you will need are a cutting block, either a razor blade or a knife, and your oboe reed. oboe reed making simplified pdf Favorite eBook Reading Oboe Reed Making Simplified TEXT #1 : Introduction Oboe Reed Making Simplified By Janet Dailey - Aug 09, 2020 ^ Free PDF Oboe Reed Making Simplified ^, scraping is probably the most important part of making your double reed the easiest way to scrape is to place the reed on a Most college oboist students are taught to gouge (scraping out the inner pulp) and shape cane. This results in a 3-inch (75mm) assembly. According to the measurements presented in Figure 4 it seems that the reed passage is not narrow enough to add a significant extra flow resistance. Bravura Blue FF Thread. Oboe Reed Thread quantity. from Making Oboe Reeds. Investing in reed making supplies is a wise way to cut down costs of reeds in the future. It is actually extremely important that you get FF Nylon thread to use for reed-making. Most reed measurements are discussed using the metric system, so having a ruler in millimeters is ideal for reed making. Hide menu Menu. At the beginning stages of reed-making, there won’t really be a difference - I would go with a less expensive option. Number two, you need to watch professionals. Again, all that matters is that you get the materials in your hands. GSP cane (I use Rieger 1a shape cane but there are lots to choose from), Holding mandrel (for adjusting the reed after it is finished). Comes with - Wilson Single Nylon tool pouch, Rigotti oboe mandrel, Chiarugi double-hollow ground knife, medium cutting block, ruler, pointed rigotti plaque, cake of beeswax, 10 pieces of gouged & shaped Glotin oboe cane, 5 Stevens Brass thinwall #2 oboe staples in brass with natural cork, a 6 x 2 combination … A turban made out of thread is added on the third wire. There are many materials that staples come in, such as brass, nickel-silver, etc. Full Product Catalog Knives & Sharpening Reed Cases Oboe Reed-Making Oboe Accessories Bassoon Reed-Making Bassoon Accessories "Magic" Bell by DC Brothers "Scratch & Dent" Clearance. You will be working with sharp materials, so it is imperative that you learn how to use them safely. Delivery Time Because we keep a large stock of merchandise on hand, we ship most orders (excluding instruments) in 1 or 2 business days. Your email address will not be published. My Hand-dyed reed thread is made by Squirrely Stash, a small U.S business specializing in beautifully colored thread for making oboe reeds and bassoon reeds. Cane and Tool Closeout Sale! ... Measure the total reed length and the thread length to make sure it’s not over tied. The mandrel itself is a piece of metal that then typically has a wooden handle. Oboe, like any double reed, is a tough beast. A post all grounded in research—history, special qualities, fun facts, and [most importantly] relevancy, of the oboe; And a joke for the road... What's the difference between an oboe and a bassoon? One place that you could buy reed thread from an Etsy shop … 4 ... reeds should I buy? It is a quick and easy way to scrape an oboe reed. Oboe staples are not the same thing as what binds pieces of paper together, so you definitely want to put the word oboe in front of staple when you are searching for this item. If you make that your expectation, you will set yourself up for optimal learning and significantly less frustration. The blades will begin to slip past one another and the opening will become smaller, making the pitch of the reed rise. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I reeds - how You should hear the first octave "C" come in. Pencil - used to mark sections of the reed for scraping. $9.75 $7.75. Blow a bit more, and maybe a third octave will sound. There are places that you can buy practice cane - oboeduck.com sells practice cane that is less expensive and intended for use by beginners. … Again, the secret to being a successful reed maker is having a sharp knife! Mandrel - a metal rod with a handle used to hold the reed securely while scraping. Free Shipping On Orders Over $100 Magic Reed; Shop; Professional Oboe Reeds; Custom Oboe Reeds; Intermediate Oboe Reeds; Student Oboe Reeds; … Curved shaped plaque in blue steel, diamond shape, pointed sides. to make a single reed mouthpiece for an oboe, keeping the coni- cal staple, that would still give the oboe its characteristic sound? A ruler is an essential part of any reed making kit. Ruler - a 6-inch one is fine. She also has her own website that is chock-full of reed-making information. This will take away about 85 percent of the material of the reed. Are you tired of paying for reeds? Showing all 6 results 1-434-361-1945. Compare. Hide menu Home. Deterioration – As the reed ages, the blades will slip because the pressure of the thread will overcome the force provided by the overlapping blades. Reed Making Thread; Sort by. Created with Sketch. Remember to adjust the reed so it is centered on the staple so that the blades close at the same time. Length of The Windows – A student asked me what difference the length of the back of a reed makes. Those are great options for the beginning reed-maker, just make sure that the items listed above are in the kit, or that you supplement the kit with items that are missing. As a beginner, you will want to buy pieces of shaped cane specifically. Selected: FF Nylon Reed Thread - Deep Violet $ 9.95. Figure 5: Internal profile of an oboe reed (taken from [6], page 33, with author’s permission). The end product must be airtight. Without cane on the staple, it has a metal part sticking up - that is what you will tie your cane onto when you are making a reed. Add To Cart. Reed blanks - a tied oboe reed that has not been scraped or clipped open. Not sure where to start? We have selected a wide assortment of the best double reed supplies available. I would suggest getting the least expensive cane there is - you are going to ruin many pieces of cane before you get the hang of reed making. Wikipedia is not a reputable source! This could be a private instructor, or it might involve reaching out to someone in your area that has experience making reeds. Sharpening rod - Any ceramic sharpening stick with a handle will work (check kitchen sites). There are many different places that you can get thread for reed-making - the only important thing about the type of thread that you buy is what I already stated above. Now that we are getting into winter and our furnaces turn on and the air dries out, you can see some pretty extreme differences in reeds from day to day. It takes much longer to create a bassoon reed blank than oboe blank (longer soaking/drying times and extra steps), but the scraping/sanding finishing part is much easier for students in my opinion. Sold in 165 yard spools. I remember back in the day using Jones until I learned to make my own, but I definitely won’t be making reeds … Usually, I finish reeds much quicker (and I do think speed is important in reed making), so keep that in mind with your own reed making. If you hear any other noises or pitches sounding, you must adjust the reed. The thread tension should be tight but not so tight that you break the thread! Try to find one that does not need oil, which can be messy (some only need water or nothing at all). There are many Instagram and Facebook accounts that are run by university oboe professors, which are wonderful resources. exciting! The Rigotti Oboe Reed mandrel is a French style mandrel that features a steel bit with ebony-wood handle. The ambitious oboist may purchase bamboo in tube form, split it into pieces, and then begin the reed-making process. Check with me on specifics before ordering (some places have more measurement options). For bassoon students, I start by teaching basic reed adjustment: how to use sandpaper, how to use pliers to adjust the wires, clipping the reed, etc. Happy to see that my reeds are making their rounds even in the online oboe community https://www.reddit.com/r/oboe/comments/5meefb/reed_buying_help/ There are a few things that you should know before you embark on Add To Cart. Add to cart. In reality, that is the secret to being a successful reed maker - having a sharp knife at all times. I know what I think, but it’s been a … 0 Menu. I tried to get a camera angle as close as I could so that you can see the process more clearly. Login or Sign Up; 0; Gift Certificates. The purpose of the mandrel is to keep the shape of the staple during the tie-on process. Oboe Reed-Making with Professor Amy Collins. Compare. Maintain consistent thread tension during the entire process of tying the reed on. Reed Making Class; Oboe Tutorial Videos; Piano Students; Contact; Free Downloads; 0. There are many types of reed-making knives that you could get. A plaque is used after the reed is clipped open, when you want to work on either blade of cane. There is a lot of tension involved with making a good, playable reed, so you need a thread that will withstand a great deal of tension without snapping. Drying rack, if making more than one reed at a time. Our selection of oboe reed making thread comes in a variety of colors, spool sizes, thicknesses, and more to make reed tying easier on the hands. Remember that rule that you learned in school? A plaque is a thin piece of metal that is rounded at either end. The last thing that is important to say before I tell you what you need in your reed-making kit is that you won’t be good for the first thousand reeds you make. Add to cart. Bassoon reed reamer - digs out the cane on the inside to make it smooth and help it fit the bocal), Small diamond files - rat tail files are good, and the Vandoren reed stick is cool. COUPON CODE: Clearance2019 Browse Now Reed Staples That being said, there are also many reputable sources online that are at your disposal. Browse through our Oboe Reed Making Basics guide to learn about the tools used to make reeds and their uses. It must be said that there are both left and right-hand models for knives, so choose a knife that fits what you are most comfortable with. this journey, including all of the tools you'll need in your beginning The nature of this double reed will make it go out of tune real easy, as you've noticed. Number one, you should never start oboe reed making alone. Description Description “Unbreakable Spool” FF Nylon Thread, by LC Double Reeds. oboe reed-making kit. Be the first to review “FF Nylon Reed Thread – Deep Violet” Cancel reply. Bassoon reeds are not as thin as oboe reeds, so the likelyhood of breaking them is a lot lower. Home Expand menu. There are rulers designed specifically for reed making, but any ruler in millimeters will do. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The standard length for a staple is 47mm in the United States. making the blank itself from gouged, shaped, and profiled (GSP) cane. That rule still applies to reed-making and is arguably more important in this setting - you are handling sharp tools! FF Nylon Reed Thread - Deep Violet quantity. Photo by Javi Sánchez de la viña | CC BY-ND. $9.85 $7.85. Put one of your dry de-barked reeds into the machine, and sand the reed using the Blue setting, making sure to change your sandpaper frequently as not to burn or scorch the reeds. 10% off Cane and Tool Orders of $100 or more! Almeida [6] presented measurements of the internal profile of an oboe reed (including the staple). When you “crow” the reed, make sure it is a “C”, and then you can think about balancing the reed. Menu Expand menu. “Unbreakable Spool” FF Nylon Thread, by LC Double Reeds. What is an oboe How Does An Oboe Sound How Do Oboe Reeds Work How To Take Care Of Your Oboe Reed Learn To Make Oboe Reeds For everybody's favorite Oboe Reed, Shop Magic Reed Handmade Oboe Reeds To Play Your Best . … Wow! For information on Oboe Reed Making, How To Make Oboe Reeds, and Player Development challenges, check out our blog. You will be working with sharp materials, so it is imperative that you learn how to use them safely. links, at no cost to you. get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my As the name suggests, a sharpening stone is a stone that is used to sharpen your knife. The crow is a multi-pitched sound. Lamp - for looking at light shining through the reed to assess thickness. When you do, increase your air a bit and let the second octave come in. Location Virtual. The new MMI oboe reed-making kit comes complete and ready for all levels of oboe reed-making. $9.85 $7.85. (Oboe Reeds - Bassoon Reeds - English Horn Reeds & More.) Sharpening stones are fine to use as well. A cutting block is a small circular piece of wood that is used for when you clip the tip of the reed. The thread is multi-colored, which just makes the reed-making process a whole lot more fun - this is definitely not a necessity though! First of all, I need to know a whole lot more information, like how old you are, how long you’ve been playing/trying to play the oboe, and then stuff like, what kind of horn you’re playing on and what kinds of reeds you’ve tried. There is enough length for each color that you could make each reed a different solid color or mix two colors depending on where you start on the length of thread. The only way to get better at reed-making is trying and making mistakes - I say this from personal experience. Wishlist. Whether you are a beginner reed maker or a continuing learner, this course offers oboists the opportunity to learn and strengthen reed-making skills. The difference is very slight, which you can see in the video. $9.85 $7.85. Improving your note attacks will instantly improve your tone quality, and your reeds should help you with that! Oboe Reed Making and Adjustment; Learn about Cambridge Woodwind Makers. Most oboists cut one blade of the reed shorter than the other and play with the shorter side on their bottom lip. This means the cane has already been split into pieces, the inner pulp has ben scraped out, and the cane has been cut to its tapered shape already. not playing oboe makes you get out of shape. Now that you have some information on reed making and some good resources, I will leave you with one last thought. They are used to clip the reed open. Toggle menu. I am currently studying instrumental music education at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. If you look at the price of an individual oboe reed, the cost really adds up depending on how many hours a week you play the instrument. To find out, a mouthpiece with the following characteristics is 4. I think this adds a little more subtly to the response and … Home Page. This series of bite-sized videos offers deep dives into the details of oboe reed making. There are many different places that you can get thread for reed-making - the only important thing about the type of thread that you buy is what I already stated above. Remove ears (some shaped cane comes without ears), using a razor blade or knife lying flat on the … That's just a fact of the instrument - a lot of pros will tune to the oboe because there are times when it simply won't go in tune, and you've gotta learn how to compensate. … The first one is to put the oboe reed in my mouth past the thread, and blow very lightly. Professional bassoonists often do all these steps themselves, but it is time-consuming. Vif FF Thread. Are you considering making your own … Listen to the example on the right and imitate the sound that you hear. Search. Is it possible Figure 1: Typical oboe reed. You will see in the video below how to clip your reed against the cutting block. Make sure it accurately shows millimeters. It would not require the oboist to make his/her own reeds: being made: A standard clarinet B ♭ reed can be attached to Buy one from the counter, attach it to the mouthpiece, it, … In order to be precise, every reed maker needs to have a ruler in their kit. They are shown in Fig-ure 5. Cutting Block - a small, round wooden block used for clipping the reed tip. Reed making is an investment in you or your student’s future. There are no reviews yet. Soak your newly cut reeds in water for 15 minutes, then allow to dry overnight. I primarily play oboe and English horn, but have a background in many woodwind instruments. A reed that was great yesterday will play completely different today. Plaque - a thin, guitar pick-like tool that is inserted into the reed for scraping the tip safely. Number one, you should never start oboe reed making alone. In this class, students will get to learn how to make their very own oboe reeds. Helen Hogan Library; The Studio; The Champion Workshop; Accommodation … The blades should close evenly within 1-1.5 winds of the top of the staple. Cambridge Woodwind Makers’ Aims; Cambridge Woodwind Makers Origins; Cambridge Woodwind Makers Development; Testimonials; Related Projects. Razor blades are used in conjunction with the cutting block to clip open the tip of your oboe reed, and to make your reed shorter during the finishing process. You can hit a baseball further … Many new knives come without a proper edge and need to be reground to get that first burr (see Regrinding the reed knife above). Tools for a beginner oboe reed-maker: Razor Blades - Home Depot should have these for cheap. Add To Cart. The plaque is put in between the two blades so that you can work precisely on one blade at a time while still preserving the one you are not working on. The unprofiled end of the cane is shaped into a tube with the aid of a mandrel and bound with three (or four in some reed making techniques) strategically placed wires. This is what I call the Jay Light oboe reed and how I make it. Looking at all of the items listed above may look overwhelming, especially for your wallet. Wrap nylon around the reed at the end of the staple as tight as possible. SKU: THREAD Category: Reed Making Tools Tags: reedmaking, tools. Be patient with yourself. Some oboists tie pre-shaped cane onto the metal staples using thread and beeswax. About Us Who We Are Contact Us Our Distributors. I will say, ruining pieces of cane is not a bad thing! Again, there is a great deal of tension while tying on a reed, so a mandrel is an integral part of keeping your supplies in good shape. Be patient while tackling this new endeavor. How far down toward the thread the windows go, in other words. Sold in 165 yard spools. Watching professionals is important so that you learn how to make reeds in both a safe and correct manner. Oboe Reed thread $ 8.00 Add to cart Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Oboe Thread. For best oboe reeds and oboe cane, Shop Magic Reed. Compare. Do your research, be kind to yourself, and enjoy learning about this whole new side of playing the oboe. This seems very specific, I know. Eryn Oft gives excellent YouTube tutorials and describes the supplies needed. Check for suction/leaks by sucking on the sides of the reed. Staples are the piece of cork at the bottom of your reed that actually goes into the oboe. With all that being said, let’s move into what you need in your reed-making kit.

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