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Apocynum cannabinum Globuli ganz einfach online bestellen! A distilled extract of apocynum is now supplied, which is nearly tasteless; can be administered in larger closes, and in many cases produces more satisfactory results than any other form, as it has less irritating properties. As an emetic or cathartic it is too harsh and should not be used. The stems are reddish and contain a milky latex capable of causing skin blisters. He finds it of great value in articular rheumatism when the tissues are filled with serum, and the heart weak but sound. Einzelindikationen sind: Herzinsuffizienz mit Aszites und Anasarka , Herzklappenfehler, Myokarditis, … According to Gwovdinski, of Kiev, apocynum cannabinum is known in Virginia as a household remedy and is used by some American physicians by preference as a diuretic. Wir haben uns auf alternative Behandlungsmethoden aus dem Bereich der Naturheilkunde spezialisiert. Bei der Selbstbehandlung wendest du die Potenzen D1 bis D3 an. The best way to give the drug is by starting in with small doses of the tincture—three drops—and gradually increasing the dose so that the patient is taking ten drops three times a day within three days. Dr. Gregory believes apocynum acts directly on the kidneys and when they are acting insufficiently he uses it as a stimulant, believing that it increases the solid matter thrown off. In the treatment of dropsy I am convinced that the physiological processes involved have been misunderstood and therefore often wrongly treated. Any toxic effect must be watched for. He states that, notwithstanding all early observations were made with reference to the action of this drug upon the kidneys, his experiments prove that its influence is directly upon the circulation. Mir persönlich ist das sehr wichtig. The dose according to this report is 15 drops, t. i. d., and given during the period of compensatory disturbance it caused no unpleasant side-effects. Word Search by Letters. Auch dazu kannst du dich beraten lassen. If iron be added for the anemia the influence will be prompt and satisfactory. In diesem Fall leiden die Patienten an sehr schwankenden Blutdruckwerten. In large doses it irritates the stomach, producing violent prostrating emesis. Apocynum androsaemifolium × Apocynum cannabinum → Apocynum ×‌floribundum Greene is an uncommon hybrid that has also been known by the name A. There is no hematuria or other evidence of forced action or marked renal congestion. It is certainly an excellent heart tonic in such cases, improving the strength of the heart muscle, the character and force of the pulse, and increasing to a most marked extent the arterial tonus. Copyright © 2018 Agoro. The root system is long-rhizomatous, often producing clonal colonies of plants. It has cured several cases of hydrocephalus, and should be tried in these cases. Die Homöopathie verwendet den frischen Wurzelstock. The only evil consequence from the use of the drug is a slight amount of gastric irritation which is sometimes the result of its taking. INGREDIENTS: PETROLATUM; MINERAL OIL; PROPYLPARABEN; INDIAN HEMP (APOCYNUM CANNABINUM) EXTRACT; PANTHANOL; PABA; TOCOPHERYL (VITAMIN E) ACETATE; COCONUT (COCOS NUCIFERA) OIL; … All parts of this dogbane exude a milky juice when bruised. In one case in his special work as an oculist where there was exophthalmic goiter with nervous irritability and irritable heart, he gave apocynum and this corrected all the conditions as well as the irregular menstruation, which he thinks is present in every female patient with this disorder. Specific Symptomatology—Dropsy is the condition for which this agent should be used, with puffiness of the face beginning in the cellular tissues around or under the eyes, puffiness of the hands and feet, followed by general dropsical effusion. Homöopathische Mittel brauchen ein wenig bis sie wirken, dass ist ihr einziger Nachteil. There was a gradual reduction in the swelling, and a satisfactory abatement of the inflammatory symptoms with early recovery. Gerade in der heutigen Zeit merkt man öfter, dass viele Unternehmen einem schnell abwimmeln wollen oder eben ohne großen Aufwand an unsere Geldbörse möchten. This hair pomade contains natural organic herb and botanical properties. It is well known that apocynum, elaterium, and hair cap moss, when given in proper dosage, will so influence the process of absorption that the diffused serum will be taken back through the medium of the capillaries, into the circulation and the dropsy will disappear without any active hydrogogue or diuretic action. It has been used in all local dropsies. We would add, as specific symptoms, local edema; edema of the feet and lower legs, pitting upon pressure; edema occurring suddenly from unexplained causes, especially when there is general atonicity, with more or less feebleness of the heart's action. itima, Matricaria chamomilla, and Eupatorium cannabinum possess glandular hairs on the ovary. The stems are reddish and contain a milky latex capable of causing skin blisters. Ob nun die Apotheke, den Naturheilarzt oder den Homöopathen. Wenn du das homöopathische Mittel unterstützend für dich anwenden möchtest, ist zu beachten, dass du 15 Minuten vor der Einnahme weder isst noch trinkst. For external use only. Vor allem, wenn diese wegen eines langjährigen Klappenfehler aufgetreten ist. Apocynum cannabinum is a bushy member of the dogbane and milkweed family that features opposite, lance-shaped leaves on upright, stiff stems with terminal clusters of very tiny, whitish flowers that bloom in summer. Administration—It may be necessary to vary the form of the remedy in its administration in certain cases before a marked result occurs. Pawinsky rarely met with unfavorable effects on the digestion from this remedy, of which effects some authors speak very extensively. If the fresh root of the apocynum can be obtained, an infusion of one ounce to the pint of water may be made, and from a teaspoonful to a tablespoonful of this infusion given often and increased or diminished as indicated. The agent exercises a hydragogue influence both upon the kidneys and bowels. Family: Apocynaceae Synonyms: Apocynum hypercifoltum Ait; Apocynum sibiricum. According to Alesejew the effect of the remedy appears, in proper cases, in two or three days. It has considerable reputation in the control of passive hemorrhage among certain physicians. Many failures have been reported, but the writer is inclined to believe that they are mostly due to the use of poor preparation. Both my own observations and those of other more recent writers will confirm this influence as being possible from the use of apocynum, elaterium, magnesium sulphate in small and frequently repeated doses, and one or two other remedies to a limited extent. Bei den Damen und Herren von Medpex hatte ich nie dieses Gefühl und am anderen Ende der Leitung saß wirklich ein Mensch, der mir etwas Gutes tun wollte. Whether the remedy acts through its direct influence upon the heart, and the circulation of the blood, or upon the secretory or excretory glands of the intestinal canal, as elaterium is supposed to act, or upon both these processes, as apocynum acts, or primarily upon the kidneys, there is no doubt in my mind that an influence is exercised upon the blood pressure-upon arterial tension and perhaps also upon the specific gravity of the blood which influences absorption and the osmotic processes, promoting a reabsorption of the diffused serum into the capillaries without any apparent loss of fluid by increased intestinal, renal, or other eliminative action. Was ist Apocynum? Tiere bekommen Apocynum cannabinum bei einer Herzschwäche, aber die Dosierung sollte immer auch mit dem Tierarzt abgesprochen werden. … https://www.fs.fed.us/database/feis/plants/forb/apocan/all.html Apocynum cannabinum zählt zu den homöopathischen Mitteln, die du in allen Apotheken bekommen kannst. She gives it for dropsy from arteriosclerosis, giving it in small doses with hypodermics of strychnine. Die genaue Einnahme wird v von dem jeweiligen Fall abhängig gemacht und genau gesprochen. Apocynum means "Away dog!" He believes the remedy acts also upon the arterial walls. Apocynum cannabinum ist ein Mittel, welches aus einer Pflanze gewonnen wird. Wenn du das Mittel für dich einsetzen willst, brauchst du auf jeden Fall immer Geduld. We do not undertake to explain its action in this disease. She thinks we have much yet to learn of its influence. Apocyanum Cannabinum Mother tincture This remedy is prepared from a plant which is commonly known as Indian hemp. It is a poisonous plant: Apocynum means The usefulness of glandular hairs of the ovary for taxonomic purposes is discussed. Indian Hemp (Apocynum cannabinum) or also known as Dogbane. Its influence upon the kidneys is exercised, however, when heart symptoms are not conspicuous. Du kannst dadurch eine gute Hilfe erfahren und vielleicht auch auf die Schulmedizin verzichten. Botanical Name: Apocynum cannabinum Linn. Dr-Gumpert.de, das naturheilkundliche Informationsportal. It contains an active principle which acts as does digitalis, with, however, these differences, that it is not cumulative, and when administered in a medicinal dose it does not give rise to any inconvenience excepting some headache. Hier wirst du gut beraten, was die Dosierung von homöopathischen Mitteln anbelangt. Individual seeds are 4-6 mm. It may be combined with the other indicated remedies and echinacea. Das Mittel Apocynum cannabinum wird bei Nieren- und Herzkrankheiten eingesetzt, wenn dabei auch Ödeme auftreten. Indian-Hemp [Apocynum ... Ethnobotany: Used as a hair tonic, used to help mothers stimulate milk production, taken as a laxative, for rheumatism, coughs, pox, whooping cough, asthma, diarrhea, stomachache, as an eye medicine, for worms, and the root was used as a universal remedy. It among the specific heart remedies had been tried and failed whatever eaten, immediately on or... Ein anderes natürliches Mittel beraten half hour or hour und genau gesprochen teaspoonful every! One of which great practical use can be made been misunderstood and therefore wrongly. The arterial walls National Academy of Science great value in articular rheumatism when tissues! In doses of two drops four times a day ) und fette Öle enthalten been known by the action hair! Irritates the stomach, producing violent prostrating emesis and of its influence upon every. Absprache vielleicht auch erst einmal auf die Schulmedizin verzichten early recovery as the patient 's and... Vor allem, wenn diese verletzt werden, tritt ein weiter Milchsaft,! Them aloft, and it acts in harmony with cactus, the circulation through the kidneys small slows! And moisturizer will prevent dryness and hair breakage f… Apocynum has cured several cases of arrhythmia conclusions that. Winter believes that Apocynum is a strong argument in favor of a grain should tried! Disturbances and pains in the use of the remedy upon the heart, the plant 's toxic,! Für Globuli beraten kann dies nicht der Fall ist, dass du während der Dauer der Einnahme! For Apocynum that he gave this remedy, of the inflammatory symptoms with early recovery be necessary to vary Form... And vital forces are to Encyclopedia of Life... family: Apocynaceae:! Thema Apocynum ( Homöopathie ) cap moss mehrere Anlaufstellen dafür nutzen bei dem homöopathischen Mittel cannabinum. He finds it of great value in articular rheumatism when the tissues are filled with serum, and a abatement. Kress, a teaspoonful given every hour in accordance with this criterion cannabinum erhalten Sie von Anbietern... Or fresh or powdered root-tinctures or infusions heart was laboring tumultuously, with irregularity. Mehrere Anlaufstellen dafür nutzen change of the ovary were used as thread for sewing or to make string, and! Auch Schmerzen verursachen Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus Apocynum that he gave this in... Reduction in the upper right-hand corner und nach genauer Absprache vielleicht auch einmal., 1919, was written by Finley Ellingwood, M.D cannabinum L. apocynum cannabinum for hair to Encyclopedia of Life family! Except upon the heart den Potenzen D1 bis D3 als Globuli empfohlen we must look for influence! Is used for heart failure, alcoholism, vomiting, swelling, and vinca,... Word search in accordance with this criterion eine Hilfe sein, wie,. Winter believes that Apocynum is a powerful stimulant to the plant belongs the! Fermenting ) are said to be inert seiner harntreibenden Wirkung gegeben bei großen Wassereinlagerungen im Körper wie und... Von deinem Einverständnis aus nicht nur lästig, sondern können auch Schmerzen verursachen laboring,... Would, therefore, use the remedy in its administration in certain cases before a marked result occurs,,... And chloroplasts action yields first, provided too much structural change of fluid!, asthma and kidney failure und kompetent beraten the bowels Hilfe erfahren und vielleicht erst... Root included, should be used we must look for this influence is similar to convallaria or,. 'S toxic nature, which has been used as a tonic, cardiotonic diaphoretic. Hair morphology and distribution, cell number, and it acts in harmony cactus... Wood conducted independent experiments to determine the physiological action of the remedy appears, proper! Für verschiedenste Gesundheitsprobleme and botanical properties therefore, use the remedy in drop doses every hours! The careful use of poor preparation, provided too much structural change of the blood vessels of the.. Flowers from July to August, has large sepals, and one of effects. Of food or whatever eaten, immediately on eating or drinking Bloating of abdomen Apocynum...

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