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The longevity of your project depends on it! Sew The Piping To The Fabric. We’re going to show you two […] 2. Feb 20, 2016 - Explore Mary Naquin's board "sewing box corners", followed by 101 people on Pinterest. Sew with a 1/2″ seam. How to Sew Box Corners: Take your project that you are working on: And grab the corners and turn the fabric so that the seam goes right down the center, forming a triangle: Sew a straight line across the top of the triangle: Then snip off the end of the triangle: They are common on the bottom of purses, the corners of fitted sheets, and covers for other items, such as tables and toasters. Attach ties to back edge of cushion cover, ends facing in towards center. But often easy chairs, side chairs, benches, swings, etc. You now have a box cushion! But with the mitered corner technique you have a border or a hem which looks neat on the front as well as the back. 12. Pin the short edges of the flap to the short edges of the remaining long strip. For example, if your cushion has a 4" depth, cut out a 2" x 2" square on each corner. 8. That's why, when it comes to projects like how to make a bench seat cushion, it's usually worth your time to make your own. Pin and sew front and back sides together – right sides together. Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily stitch the Box Cushion Corner: Cut Two Fabric Pieces: The Customers need to start by Cutting two equal sized fabric pieces.They need to make sure that the fabric pieces should be near about 1 inch longer than another finished cover. Saved by Leslie Hobbs. If the distance around the cushion is longer than your fabric, you'll need to seam the sides. And remember to add 1 inch to the length for each seam you have to create. The most important thing to remember is: the size of the square you cut away is HALF the size of your finished box corner. 10. The renditions are very accurate, including pattern matching requirements — both vertically and horizontally. You don't need to be an expert with your machine to make simple covers for those old cushions, just a willingness to try! At the first corner, make an inverted pleat. No zipper to finagle, minimal sewing around corners, super strong, and they are removable so you can throw them in the wash as needed. I'm sharing my new outdoor settee cushions. Go slowly around the corners to make sure they hold their shape. Lift the sewing foot and pivot to sew tightly around the corner. Sewing Hacks Sewing Tutorials Sewing Crafts Sewing Tips Sewing Ideas Tutorial Sewing Sewing Lessons Sewing Basics First Sewing Projects. They are super easy, I promise! A method for sewing neat and tidy box cushion corners. The width of this fabric, 54”, is just enough for the boxing on this cushion, but you can sew two pieces together if needed. Sew on the zipper to one side. 11. There is an attractive 45-degree seam along the corner. Box Corner Cushions The calculator is the best way to determine exactly how much yardage will be required for any box corner cushion. Pin the top of the cushion onto the strip and sew. When the edge of the fabric you are sewing reaches the seam guide in front of the needle, put the needle down, raise the presser foot, and pivot the fabric so the new edge is lined up with your seam guide. Clip corners, if necessary. Join the two ends of flat trim together as you would cording. But, I thought sewing a bench cushion with piping would be next to impossible. If you need to make your boxed cushion a certain size, you will need your original cushion to be larger. It sure looks ugly. The inside is usually foam wrapped with a layer of polyfill. Cut and make your ties. Baste the piping to the fabric, removing the pins as you go. Gently unpick the corner seams 1/2 down. If you read my last post, Sew Easy Outdoor Cushion Covers (Part 1), you know how easy it is to give your outdoor furniture new life. Before you run screaming, “I can’t sew to save my life!”, let me tell you I thought sewing a bench cushion was going to be difficult. Pin the top piece matching the corners right sides together and pin. Cut a few notches in the tail at the corner so it will lay flat. Continue sewing the cording along the edge of the face. It also creates a scale rendering of the single panel of fabric needed to complete a project. 5. That’s where you need to put … The seams on a mock box cushion are located halfway around the sides, and the corners are simply clipped to square off the cover. But I would prefer hand sewing for the corner stitches, for more precision. 2. A corner can seem like something difficult to sew. Make a diagonal cut in the corner of the fabric toward an inside corner of the cushion, stopping about 1 inch from the cushion. Add comfort and style to seating with a box-edge cushion. Step 2 Make two diagonal cuts 1/2-inch long from the first cut to finish the "Y" cut in the fabric. 7. I believe this is called negative ease. Wedge the foam into the breakfast nook cushion cover. It might be simpler to sew one piece on, then sew … Sew up to this point across from the corner, leave your needle in the material, and lift the machine foot. Bench with a black and white striped box cushion. I used the old covers as my guide. Once at the corner follow video instructions to complete corner sections. This releases the fabric to make the turn without binding. Box cornered cushions make comfy additions to benches and booth seating for both indoors and outdoors! The height of the boxing is the height of the foam plus 1”. 11. Make sure to match up the pleat with the turkish corner pleat. Baste along the edge of the piping. It isn't as long as you know when to stop by placing a seam guide in front of the needle just like you do for your seam allowance. 18. It's no secret that custom upholstery can be really pricey. See more ideas about Sewing, Sewing box, Sew fabulous. Fabric; Coordinating thread Make calculations, so your seam will be at a corner if possible. Change the stitch length on your sewing machine to a basting stitch (probably the longest stitch length available). With the sides of the cushion cover facing up, start sewing using a 1/2 inch seam allowance in the center of a long side. Trim the seams and corners, then turn right side out. After boxing is attached to one pillow face, mark exact corresponding corner points on unsewn boxing band edge. I have a little corner that I would love to have seating in, but I want some cute covers that fit. Pin the seam of the strip to either the top or bottom piece starting at the center of the side with the right sides together. Repeat at each corner. Box corners are a quick & easy technique to make your tote bags, pillows, and cushions fuller and roomier with a structured look. Okay…now on to our box cushion tutorial… Supplies For Sewing A Box Cushion Materials. Start by measuring the length of the foam across the top and halfway down each side, and add an inch for seam allowances. You can easily hand sew a mitered corner or stitch it with your sewing machine. I know there is some magic number to subtract from your cushion dimensions to make the fabric sit tightly on the cushions when you sew covers for them. Thank you for the step by step guide on how to make box cushions. In each corner of the panel, cut a square out half the size of the depth of the cushion. Sew the box corner edges together. When you plan to use the cutout box corner method, you need to pre-determine the size of the box corner. This versatile sewing project can be used for window seat cushions, patio cushions, or even simple bench cushions for indoors or outdoors. Totes with box corners are great for carrying groceries or books from the library. What Are The Steps To Stitch a Box Cushion Corner? The foundation of your box corner cushion is the foam, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs. The question is, how much? Repeat for the remaining box cushions for your corner breakfast nook. Pin pillow top’s corners to corner markings and sew as above. Sewing a Bench Cushion with Piping. After procrastinating for a couple of months, I sat myself down in front of my sewing machine and finished these long overdue cushions and pillows. I looked high and low for a way to make these cushions without dealing with a zipper or difficult to sew corners. Trace and cut out cushion cover. Stitch opening closed, either by hand or on machine. When approaching corners, prebend the cording to go around the corner. Separate the front and back pieces of the cushion with a seam ripper right at the corners. 722. Turn cover right side out and insert cushion. Squash your corner, then measure up from the corner by that amount. 17. Clip the corners and turn the cushion cover right side out, pushing a closed pair of scissors into the corners to get a crisp point. Work out how much larger your cushion is, ie how much extra cushion you have.. Divide that number by 2.. Sew top and bottom cushion pieces together, leaving an opening in the back edge. In this episode (sounds like I'm ready for TV now ha ha ), I am kicking it up a notch. Next, turn the plate and push a little to crimp the cording for a nice square corner, sew the front of the cushion, and next corner. Little did I know, once I figured out an easy way to create the box, it was actually very easy! While custom cushions can be pricey, this DIY cushion project will have you sitting pretty and saving money. Cutout box corner. I will have to look around for the right sizes. Cut the corner off. To make a regular pillow with a zipper at the bottom like the two zig-zag ones I made for the chairs, you can use this tutorial.

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