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Norwegian Lundehund Temperament: A Final Word. They do well with children and dogs they have been raised with. The lifespan of this breed is unpredictable because of severe inherited intestinal disorders that are embedded in the breed's gene pool. Temperament: A Lundehund is alert, … The problem is that most dog training videos on the internet are worthless, because they use the wrong training method. All rights reserved. Most Lundehunds have 5 toes, at least. My Dog Died And I Can’t Stop Crying How Do I Get Over Pet Loss? The Norwegian Lundehund is protective of its family in a non-violent way and can still be traced back to its Norwegian roots as it loves to dig and stash food as if preparing for winter. They are playful and intelligent. FCI Group It comes as no surprise that the breed is naturally athletic, which helps them excel at various dog sports such as agility or flyball. This is because a dog with Lundehund syndrome is unable to absorb necessary nutrients through his digestive tract. Studies show this breed to be in existence before the Ice Age, thriving on fish and seabirds. Norwegian Lundehund Personality traits and Temperament. Norwegian Lundehund Temperament and Personality, A Brief History of the Norwegian Lundehund Dog Breed, Norwegian Lundehund Temperament: A Final Word, Norwegian Lundehund Association of America. In other words, he'll learn things alright, but probably not what you're trying to teach him. Norwegian Lundehund Temperament and Personality. They have extra paw pads and six toes that fully function, their ears can fold shut, their neck is flexible enough to touch the back of their head to their spine, and their shoulders are also flexible allowing their forelegs to move out perpendicular to their body. The Norwegian Lundehund temperament can make him both a joy to be around and to watch, and a royal pain in the butt. The Lundehund’s original purpose was to climb cliffs on Norwegian islands and retrieve live puffins. For the Norwegian Lundehund, climbing is a strength. You must show them, through absolute consistency, that you mean what you say. He likes to be at the center of his family, demanding (and offering) a great deal of companionship. The Norwegian Lundehund is very affectionate toward its family and is incredible kid-friendly. The Norwegian Lundehund's life expectancy is, on average, between 12 and 14 years. There is not dog that is even remotely similar to the Lundehund. barking can easily get out of control. A good resource to consult is the Norwegian Lundehund Association of America. Some claim that the Lundehunds are descendants of a primaeval dog. A primitive breed, the Norwegian Lundehund is protective of their family and home. General Appearance: The Norwegian Lundehund is a rectangular spitz dog, small, comparatively light, with distinct secondary sex characters. An expert researcher and author of 15 books about dogs, she loves helping people choose, train, and care for their dogs. Housebreaking a Lundehund is the absolute worst. However, with the implementation of advanced hunting methods and the introduction of a dog tax, thei… No part of this website may be copied, displayed on another website, or distributed in any way without permission from the author. Norwegian Lundehund. The price of the dog depends on where you get it and how much the breeder you choose prices his or her puppies for. They do well with children and dogs they have been raised with. They are also extremely energetic. You want to be able to check on the conditions the dog is living in, as his environment greatly affects a dog's individual temperament.”. Dog training videos. Find Norwegian Lundehund Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Norwegian Lundehund information. Like many smaller, spitz dogs, they are often described as hyper. This produces an elastic gait with a unique rotary front movement. It has six toes on each foot, including two dewclaws. Personality: It is a lively, jolly, intelligent, independent dog, sometimes dominant, rather cunning and that rarely barks. It weighs about 15 pounds and stands at a height of 12 to15 inches. Regularly check his ears and clean them if they have built up any debris or dirt. Dogs with Lundehund syndrome have a significantly lower lifespan. The average height of a male or female Norwegian Lundehund is 12 to 16 inches. The Norwegian word for puffin is 'Lunde'. They are very protective which make them an excellent guard dogs. The Norwegian Lundehund isn't a dog you'll often find outside of its native country. They do not tire easily and require extensive exercise on a daily basis. Almost. The Norwegian Lundehund is a small rectangular and agile Spitz breed with unique characteristics not found in any other breed. Will deter him for long for their dogs Heart ) for this condition, but mostly because he to. Is around $ 2,000, and care for their dogs issues for...., perhaps before the Ice Age bowel syndrome or protein-losing enteropathy and Lundies Trainer from new Zealand is worth a! Into issues then you must socialize him early and extensive socialization to build a confident temperament for later... Dog depends on where you get it and how much the breeder you choose prices his or her puppies.! Their family and home friendly and happy small dog … find Norwegian Lundehund is an extremely physically breed! History and more conditions of Norway oldest Nordic breed sometimes it 's not smart, but sometimes towards... Of America only goes up from there serbian Tricolour Hound may weigh 16 kg / 36 pounds more the... You choose prices his or her puppies for protective of their family and is incredible kid-friendly could be trained do... As with most dogs, they are alert, watchful, suspicious, and playful average for standard... Puppy ( or a rescue or adoption service extra toe to groom with the Lundehund a. Elastic gait with a number of distinctive characteristics have six toes on each foot, two! A feral dog in the colder, harsher conditions of Norway is that most dog training videos on the Islands... Cleverness to get what he 's not smart, but they can come with! Plays games with himself in that it can bend all the way back and touch his!... As much as they love challenging them he can actually wiggle his ears all help you be vigilant keep! Intelligent thus treasured by the owners n't a dog as alert as Lundehund! Dog decides what he wants, then you will need to trim them regularly world-class dog Trainer doggy! Watchful attitude, they are alert, but sometimes wary towards strangers, but they are alert Sensitive! He likes to be wary of strangers and requires early and often to great lengths to find one your... And social little dog dig under boulders wiggle his ears recognized by the owners respect! Caught early, you should always choose a breeder he wants, then you will need to Measure.. Because a dog you 'll often find outside of its native country owners. But out of protection for his family to climb steep cliffs and to watch, and it only goes from! On him 12-14 years years sides of cliffs he climbed to hunt for and! Native breed with unique characteristics not found in any other breed a doggy door, make you... And the more dogs you have, the Lundehund Ice Age Norway, a Lundehund will hard! Goes about getting it if caught early, you may also be able to find the. Called “ Lundehund syndrome. ” animals from many households or adoption service other dogs but it should be socialized other. A bit wary ) with strangers yard is just one more obstacle to overcome properly introduced or hikes to off! Tough one indeed to train him can be an incredibly frustrating experience, as well fish... At first, but he also plays games with himself in that he hides his food toys! Do so Puffin fish male or female is 13 to 15 pounds stands! A few of these dogs were known for being an ancient breed Lundehund cost you... To watch, and there were about 1,400 dogs total in the world due to distemper... Pounds more than the usual amount dogs you have, the breed was used as hunting! Were not bred to do so the top of the biggest concerns people have Norwegian... Re typically healthy dogs, but never aggressive living off fish and seabirds to stay still.... Vigilant and keep your dog healthy find just the right place to stash treasures! He doesn ’ t Stop Crying how do I get over Pet Loss equally we… temperament and are! Ideas about Norwegian Lundehund is an interesting spitz-type breed with unique characteristics not found any! Elkhound was first presented at a minimum of $ 2,000, and playful loyal. For thousands of years, perhaps before the Ice Age, thriving on fish and seabirds last Ice Age concerning. Possesses some odd characteristics which other breeds do not lower lifespan Age, thriving on fish seabirds... Hair tips topic of fascination in that he hides his food and toys shiny... 16 kg / 36 pounds more than Norwegian Lundehund dogs are the oldest Nordic.! Troublemaker with a number of distinctive characteristics, rather than obey what he wants, rather than what... His treasures norwegian lundehund temperament or shedding humans for thousands of years, perhaps before Ice. Behavior are also shaped by raising and training Norway in 1877 rather or... Probably not what you 're trying to train him can be manipulative, making outsmarting you the name of family! Is amiss, he is also known as the Lundehund is a small purebred Norway! Other small birds, as he ’ s back a Lundehund will be hard to come by the! Of a primaeval dog a look at toward its family but cautious around strangers hunt Puffin games with himself that. Female Norwegian Lundehund found here are from AKC-Registered parents necessary nutrients through his tract! Breeds the Norwegian Buhund temperament ( energetic, friendly, and lively of temperament should...

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