Let The Beat Rap Tape.1

Sometimes I can't find words to speak how I feel or what I'm going through and music understands my Unspoken words, so I went around and made a beatmix based on that, unspoken words. And also introducing you guys to my alter ego/producer, e$cape. I go with the name escape because that's what we all do when we need a break away from " reality ", my escape is music and that's how I break away from the chaos outside.

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Let The Beat Rap Tape.1

  • e$cape on the beat... (prod. by e$cape)
  • so, let the beat rap. (prod. by e$cape)
  • smokn' all that dope (prod. by e$cape)
  • my high (prod. by e$cape) [june27]
  • my momma (prod. by e$cape)
  • Tune Into My Wavelength (prod. by e$cape)
  • r.i.p MF DOOM (prod. by e$cape)
  • slipinnn' (prod. by e$cape)
  • as I reminisce (prod. by e$cape)
  • black beamer (prod. by e$cape)
  • diffRent Method same rezult (prod. by e$cape)
  • OHKY (prod. by e$cape)
  • wtfa:midoing [Intro to "AIR"] (prod. by e$cape)