Live From 32nd Pt. II

Team Plenty Present's "Live From 32nd Pt. II" the 2nd Official release from 4th Quarter Khalif. Follow him on Twitter @32ndKhalif, IG/FB

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Live From 32nd Pt. II

  • Intro (Prod By Stew)
  • U Can Get It Ft Kimbrough
  • I Grind Ft Royal Montana
  • Check (Prod By Stew)
  • Gold On My Mac Book Freestyle
  • Get It All
  • Smokers Interlude (Prod By TJ)
  • The Message
  • Hit Da Club (Prod By Stew)
  • Imma Dog Snippet (Prod By Stew)
  • Type Shit Ft Kimbrough
  • Scary Ft Los (Prod By Stew)
  • Real Rap Pt. 2
  • Team Plenty Takeoff
  • Checkmate (Prod By Stew)
  • Prime Suspect (Prod By Stew)
  • (Bonus) Big Bank Verse
  • (Bonus) Touchdown Verse
  • (Bonus) Made It Ft Kimbrough