You Might Be Accidentally Sabotaging Your Career

When’s the last time you bought a song? Can you even remember?

In the last few years, subscription based music services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal have exploded, completely dominating the music industry.

It makes a lot of sense.

Why would someone pay $1.29 for a song when they could access over 30 million of them for just a couple bucks a month? You would be crazy to do that, unless you only listen to the same 3 songs over and over again.

Know anybody that does that? Yeah, me neither.

The music industry is changing, and only artists who adapt with it will survive. Fans want the best deal possible- and you’ve got to give it to them.

Back in 2001, i-tunes came out and revolutionized the music industry. Apple realized that many consumers only listened to a couple songs off the albums they purchased, and gave them the opportunity to save money by offering single-song purchases. With the advent of the I-pod several months later, the service became a total no brainier.

In 2017, things have shifted once again. Except this time, fans have gotten even greedier (of course they have). Today, the majority of fans don’t want to fork over even a nickel for music.

That’s right. They want to download it for FREE.

According to Spotify’s 2017 data, they have 80 million free users. 80 million people that would rather listen to commercials every couple minutes than help a musician create a living.

How many paid users do they have? Only 60 million.

Today, most famous musicians make the bulk of their income from everything EXCEPT downloads, including concert ticket sales, merchandise, licensing / royalties, and products.

Of course, if these popular artists didn’t have hundreds of thousands of people downloading their songs- their other streams of income would be irrelevant. The downloads need to be there first to create an audience to sell higher ticket items to.

At StayLoMixtapes, we understand that concept. We’re all about adapting to trends, and giving musicians the best chance at breaking through the mold. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on creating the best experience possible for your fans, giving you a competitive advantage in an industry that heavily favors “free”.

Due to popular demand, we’ve rolled out our “sponsored mixtape” package ($25), which adds your music to our exclusive library, and enables unrestricted downloads from fans.

This gives you a distinct advantage over other StayLo artists, since your fans can download your music right away without having to become users first!

To illustrate the importance of this, check out the following stat.

According to, in May 2016, YouTube was responsible for 52% of all music consumption, followed by 30% from Spotify, and 20% from Apple Music.

Out of those three services, which one of them allowed users to access music without having to create an account first? And out of those services, which one of them ended up being most popular?

We think you get the point.

Become a StayLo sponsored artist today, and start accessing the exclusive reach and engagement rates that only our musicians enjoy.

You deserve to be in the spot light. The only question is, will you put yourself in it?


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